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May 3rd.

May 3rd. Less than two months into lockdown.
That was the last time I put Hand to Keyboard (does that work?) and said hello.

Wow - That feels like a lifetime ago.
How are we all? Doing okay?

I think we can all agreed that the last few months have been a whirlwind of daily COVID updates, social distancing, mask-buying, hand-sanitizing and of course, banana bread-baking.

Ham & Cheese Croquetas | Current Fave

Ever since my last visit to Spain, I have been obsessed with traditional Croquettas - The gorgeous Bechamel Sauce, smoky Ham, creamy Cheese paired with crispy fried breadcrumbs, is the perfect match.

Recently, I decided to recreate my favourite Spanish dish from scratch, with the help of BBC Good Food, of course. Link is here to the recipe. To begin, I diced one medium Onion and fried it in a small tablespoon of Butter. Butter is extremely important later one, as this was the beginning of our roux.

The strangest of times...

This all feels like some kind of dream.
Like a Spielberg Film, in which the protagonist will drive in, with moments to spare and save the World from total destruction. Except, this isn't a movie.

25th Birthday Celebrations

When I think of that number, it slightly terrifies me.
The thought of being halfway through my twenties, scares me! A few weeks ago, I turned the grand old age of twenty-five and in my family, birthdays are a big deal!

New Year's Birthday Celebrations | Donegal

Y'know those road trips you take as a kid?
The ones that seem to last forever and all you ever seem to ask repeatedly is 'How long until we're there?'

For me, that place was Ireland. For most of my younger years, myself, mum and granny packed up the Car and drove ourselves around the republic of Ireland, going to the most beautiful places, which I hold a sense of familiarity and love for.

2019 in Pictures

12 Months. 52 Weeks. 365 Days.
If I had to sum up the entirety of 2019, into one word, it would be love.
Love for life, for travels, for friends, for family.

Here was my 2019, in photos.

Monthly Favourite: December

I love a recommendation.
I always ask on social media what to watch, read, listen to, or eat. That's one of the reasons I decided to recommend a new product every month, which I've been loving throughout.

This month it's the foodie Netflix documentary, 'Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat'.

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